Cancellation Policy

Calcellation by Indraprastha Institute of Design (IID): Due to any unavoidable circum stances, IID has all the rights to cancell any programme / course in such situations. The student / Customer will be intimated accordingly. In such cases, IID cancells any programme or course, the 100% of the paid fee (After deducting any registration charges/etc., will be initiated.)

Calcellation by Customer / Student: The cancellation of any admission for any course / Programme is only permitted till 24 Hourse before commencement of the 1st Class as per the 1st/initial schedule. No cancellation request is accepted / permitted thereafter. It is advisable to make the request for the cancellation of admissions before 24 hours of the st commencement of the class by EMAIL with all the details of the enrolled student / payment details.

If any student is not attended any class, It will be treated as absent but there is no question of refund/cancellation of admission.

The refund process will only be initiated only after the successfull cancellation of the admission.

The timeline for refund will only be started after successfull cancellation admission and acceptance of refund by the Indraprastha Institute of Design.

Refund Policy

By default, there is no refund available once the payment for any course is completed. However, if IID accepts the request for the refund in exceptional circumstances, the IID initiates the refund process.

The situations when customers request a refund of the payments made for the products or services purchased or availed on our website or app.

Depending on the time that you wish the refunds to be processed for your customers, you can opt either for:

Normal Refunds where it takes 5-7 working days for the refunds to reach your customers.

Instant Refunds where the customers receive their amount almost immediately.

By issuing instant refunds to your customers, you can provide a better user experience for them. This also helps in improving their reliability and trust in your business.